How to keep your little ones healthy and safe

How to keep your little ones safe

Children are the future of human race, they  are our most beloved treasure, as parents we love them more than everything and everyone, they fill our lives with love, joy and the brightest light, since the moment we know we are expecting a son or a daughter, regardless if he or she is adopted or not, our lives change forever and we start to see everything with another perspective.


When our child comes to us, we need to adjusts ourselves and our entire lives to him or her, kids are so vulnerable that they awake every instinct of protection we may have and then safety becomes the most important thing for the whole family.


Are our kids safe at home?


Kids are very active, curious, naive, careless, and that may be dangerous for them, we want to keep them safe with us, at our side, in home, so we can protect them from everything and everyone, but do you know that there is danger in your own home?


There are many risks, let’s talk about them:


  • Sharp objects, in our houses there are many, we daily use knives when we cook, ice pick, tools used for fix common issues at home, even the corners of tables and furniture may hurt our kids, we must cover the sharp edges or furniture with specialized protection, keep tools and knives out of reach of children.
  • Slippery floor, the bathroom’s floor is very dangerous, we must install proper accessories for floors in order to avoid accidents.
  • Never leave a small child unattended while he or her takes a bath.
  • Keep children away from stove and hot surfaces.
  • Keep floors and carpets as clean as possible, children love to be on the floor and cleaning is a  matter of health, there are specialized companies that keep carpets clean for you like
  • Use parental control in computers and TV, there are a very real and present danger there, computer with internet are a valuable tool that helps us all in all aspects of life, but there are many information good and bad, besides the predators, which perform many illegal and dangerous activities that can affect us, and our children are especially vulnerable to them, about TV, there are many TV shows which are not intended for kids and we need to limit the exposure to them.
  • Kids are especially vulnerable to bad food, we need to keep hygiene rules to protect our children.
  • Stairs may be dangerous for small children, we must put barriers to prevent accidents.