How to deal with Picky Eaters

Dealing With Picky Eaters

A good and healthy nutrition is a very important part of life, it contributes to our proper child development since we come into the world, a well balanced diet gives us all we need to grow up as healthy adults, it is indispensable to create healthy food habits since we are very young, as soon as we start to eat solids we need to create those habits.


We need to include in our diet food of all food groups, vegetables, fruits, proteins, carbohydrates, greases, and it is not only about include all of that,  we need to avoid some food that can damage our body, like junk food, sugar, trans greases, etc., unfortunately many of bad food is tasty, and we like them too much, therefore we need to encourage our kids to eat healthy food since they are able to eat solids.


Picky  Eaters, how to make them eat healthy food


We want to give our children healthy food but when food is served the war begins, and if we have several kids the war is even harder since many times they conspire together against us as parents.


It is really frustrating when you cook something delicious and healthy and your children start to complain and refuse to eat, sometimes we want to give up and give them what they ask, but that would be an error, here are some tips that can help to deal with those lovely Picky Eaters.


  • Don’t give up, be persistent, they will accept the healthy food and they will thank you for that later.
  • Start to introduce healthy elements in the regular food they currently eat, for example you can add fresh fruits to cereal or pancakes.
  • Let them get involved in the process, they can help shopping and preparing food, they will feel that the food is the result of their effort and it is probably that they eat it. You can let them help with the menu.
  • Make healthy food more attractive, present food in the plate in an attractive way, cut carrot slices in shape of flowers for example, but don’t care only the visual aspect, name healthy food with attractive names too.
  • You have to be a role model and eat the healthy food in the same way you want them eat it too.
  • Make unhealthy food unavailable and healthy snacks available, when they are hungry they will eat what they have at hand.
  • Set rules, for example, they must try one or two bites before reject some food, or you can establish rules about time and place for eating.


Try this tips and good luck.