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Hitting Walls

Posted by BGF FitnessSite on June 2, 2017 at 3:35 PM

"If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse." - Henry Ford

Can I take you on a thought journey today? Hope so. It seems fitting to call this little story, "The Definition of Insanity" or perhaps, "Hitting Walls" is a better fit. You decide after reading. Here goes...

This morning I was updating books for both BGF Fitness and Manna Nutrition, and the numbers I'm looking at for BGF Fitness are kind of terrible. Granted I haven't hosted my "famous" - perhaps I'm reaching, but we'll go with it - Work that Waistline challenge since the end of last year (WHY? Procrastination is my only excuse.), but I looked at these numbers and asked myself WHY AM I DOING THIS?

I could go back to the corporate world and take on grant reporting again. I'd have a steady paycheck and could be the hermit I'd like to be, so...


Why be an entrepreneur?

Why be vulnerable?

Why share sustainable weight loss solutions that few people are interested in when I could probably do better as a Hydroxycut affiliate?

The simple answer is because I wouldn't be fulfilled by doing it. It wouldn't be right.

Have you asked yourself the same question recently? In any area of life? Perhaps you've even asked yourself WHY AM I DOING THIS when it comes to the way you approach fitness or weight-loss.

Two-a-days at the gym, starting, stopping, staring over, salad only challenges, fad diets, Beyonce's workout regimen according to Glamour Magazine, etc. etc.

Maybe not, but maybe you did.

Here's the thing. I realized that WHY is the wrong question when you've continuously hit road blocks.

This morning I realized that I don't need more motivation or a stronger WHY. I don't need to offer new products & programs. I don't need to work harder. I already work 8-12 hours per day between these two businesses, and freelancing for other entrepreneurs.

I need a NEW MAP. A new HOW. And if I can't draw the map, then I better find the educator who can show me the process.

WHY is what keeps you going, but HOW is what will help you move around the roadblocks. The first thing I do is cover WHY with my clients, and the second is HOW. Why the heck haven't I been applying this same principle in my approach to business?

So here's the NEW QUESTION: What have I already done that's not working, and am I willing to try a new approach.

The truth is, I don't know if people will jump on my SUSTAINABLE FITNESS bandwagon in a way that's lucrative or if Your Personal Wellness Cocktail will become a NY Times bestseller tomorrow, but I do know that I've connected with YOU and thousands of others in the past several years because we see eye-to-eye on some things OR because you're ready to try something new.

I'm thankful for that. The possibility of helping someone improve their health & fitness is WHY. But yes, perhaps I do need some brushing up as far as HOW I am sharing that message.

So I'm inviting you to take a moment this weekend to look at an area of your life that you may be continuing to hit a roadblock in and ask yourself what needs to change about HOW you're approaching it.

After-all, isn't the very definition of INSANITY doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting different results?

We're not crazy. So it's time to shift.

Obviously, if it's something you or I have tried to accomplish multiple times, then our WHY is strong enough. Perhaps it's time to pause, and take a look at how we can finally make it happen.

Shedding extra pounds.

Finding a new job, because your boss drives you crazy.

Consistently eating well.

Taking a vacation.


As for me, I'm hitting the drawing board TODAY, and I hope you'll join me if it's fitting.

(P.s. If it's wellness related, keep an eye out. I have some SUSTAINABLE & EFFECTIVE solutions coming your way soon. Shameless plug.)

In Good Health,

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