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Less Thinking, More Doing.

Posted by BGF FitnessSite on September 16, 2016 at 1:10 PM

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This morning I listened to a 5-minute mindfulness video for Day 1 of the Elegant Excellence Experience with Hilary Rushford.

Hilary has asked us (probably thousands of entrepreneurs) to commit to doing something that brings joy for just 10-minutes a day in addition to journaling and tuning into brief mindfulness lessons over the next ten days.

Do you want to know what my 10-minutes of joy were this morning? Maybe not, but I'll tell you and I promise there's a point to this.

After getting my kiddos off to school, I sat down and removed the chipped pink polish off my toes. I’ve been meaning to do this for months (yes, months), but I’ve put it off over and over again. I honestly spent more time thinking about the chipped polish, than I did taking it off.

After all, there are way more important things to be done – working, being a mother, being a wife, cleaning, running errands, making ends meet, surviving and if I’m not physically DOING one of those things, then I HAVE to be thinking about it, plotting, and planning my next move.

Who has time for the little things, right? Self-care, healing, exercise, eating well, meaningful planning, being present, experiencing gratitude, meditation, taking a f**king breather, etc.

All of those IF things. You know, IF I get all of the important, obligatory stuff done, then maybe I’ll do THAT.

The only problem with that thought process is that LIFE NEVER STOPS and later often become never.

There’s always adulting to be done and IF we don’t make time and space for things that bring joy and lift us – even if it’s just 10-minutes a day, then we are CHOOSING to perpetuate anxiety, resentment, and overwhelm.

These emotions are the cornerstone of the Standard American Lifestyle. And these “stress” emotions effect our health in a MASSIVE way.

Hilary’s video message for today asked us to “think” about the thoughts that occupy our day and take up space where other meaningful, productive, and joyful things could be happening.

I was immediately transported back to my yoga teacher training where one of the master trainers shared a brilliant analogy for the way we SPEND our energy on a daily basis.

In a nutshell, here’s what she said…

You have $100 of mental energy to spend each day. Where do you spend it?

Is the majority of your mental money being spent on someone from your past - an ex perhaps?

Is it being spent on how much you dislike your job, past experiences, or future worries?

Is it spent convincing yourself that you’re a victim of life’s circumstances?

Is it being spent on wishing you were in shape and degrading yourself or others?

I’m sure you get the picture and you're most likely dialing into the “voices in your head” now. How much time do we spend just being stuck or carried away in our thoughts?

How many of us end our days with a negative balance and withdrawal fees?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that most of us probably have some serious ENERGETIC BUDGETING AND BALANCING to do.

On average, our brains make up about two percent of our body weight, while using about 20% of the energy we expend each day. In allowing our minds to run amuck we are physically exhausting ourselves and wasting time on things that get us nowhere.

That’s why we constantly hear talks on WILL POWER in the fitness realm. Truly it’s not will power we need, it’s CLEAR POWER - the ability to clear thoughts that DON’T change or enhance our lives, but DO zap our time and energy, and then to intentionally SPEND that newly found energy on things that are truly transformational.

Less thinking. More doing.

Have you ever spent a crap-load of money on groceries only to get home and find that you still have nothing to eat?

Whelp, that’s what the majority of us are doing with our energy every day.

We spend it on things that are on sale, items we don’t need, stuff our kids or maybe our friends and family threw in the basket (they thought you should buy it, so why not?), our spouse’s needs, our jobs, our obligations, and all that jazz.

Then, at the end of our day, we’re looking to feel good, and we’re coming up empty. If you can relate, take a moment to balance your energetic checkbook. Pay attention to where your thoughts are carrying you.

Can we “lend” just 10-minutes a day to DOING something for our health and well-being instead of getting swept away in our thoughts and obligations?

Could we go for a 10-minute walk on our lunch break, instead of browsing the "fitspiration" hashtag on Instagram, or even better do both – if that makes you happy?

Could we take 10-minutes to recite positive affirmations or to read that book that’s been collecting dust for ages, instead of participating in break room gossip?

Could we take 10-minutes to throw a meal in a crockpot before bed, instead of driving to get fast-food for lunch the next day?

Could we be of service to someone or do something simple to put love into the world? Send a letter to a corporation, or sign a petition for something we care about instead of complaining about things that need to change?

These are simple suggestions, and I don’t expect that they’ll resonate with everyone. Life can be way more complicated, but hopefully they illustrate the point.

It serves us well to make sure that we are SPENDING energy on things that actually contribute to our lives and well-being. Even if it’s just 10-minutes a day, it will make a HUGE difference over time.

If you'd like to read more on making time when you have none – check out my previous post, The Three 20s Principle: Energy Flows Where Attention Goes.

Cheers to SPENDING our daily energy with intention.

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