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Wellth Wednesdays: The InTune Mother Project

Posted by BGF FitnessSite on January 11, 2017 at 7:15 AM

Wellth Wednesdays: The InTune Mother Project

Rashaunda Lugrand, Holistic Childbirth Consultant and Educator of Conscious Conception

Welcome to Wellth Wednesdays where I'll be introducing our little wellness tribe to individuals who are resources and catalysts in the world of wellth (wellness + health). Wellness is multidimensional, and it’s vital that we create safe spaces to explore different approaches to root healing.

I can’t think of a better way to kick off Wellth Wednesdays, than with Rashaunda Lugrand, owner and co-founder of The InTune Mother Project. She is a dedicated wife of 10 years and mother of 3 brilliant boys – homebirthed and homeschooled. I met RaShaunda a few years ago and have been inspired by her work with women, children, and families since.

Recently, I read a report from Black Women’s Blueprint that 60% of black women are sexually abused by age 18 – sixty percent friends – that's epidemic and systemic. However, I don’t see wide access to the resources needed for black women and communities to heal from this.

If we could “tune in” to the source of our communal challenges, could we become whole again? Could we take back our health? Could we become better parents to our children? Imagine the possibilities.

As we heal from the root up, we regain a peace and freedom of mind that is worth the healing journey, no matter how frightening it may be. I am experiencing what root healing does for one's life, health, and state of mind for the first time and it’s really quite magical in the most tangible of ways.

Be encouraged and persistently seek your source of root healing – when you find it, YOU WILL KNOW. Often we make the mistake of believing that another person’s source of root healing will be our own source of healing. This thought couldn’t be further from the truth. Healing can be accessed in a number of ways and I encourage you to seek what's true and needed for your journey.

The InTune Mother Project is indeed a root healing resource.

Rashaunda has shared three things you can do to be magnetic in 2017 this week. If this resonates with you in the slightest bit, connect with her. Trust your intuition!

About: Rashaunda is a strong advocate for community-centered perinatal health care. Her focus is set on shifting the perspective of how women of color are valued in reproductive health and child wellness. Racial disparities are real and we are here to share with you evidence-based tips and creative concepts that help families learn how to consciously conceive, give birth, and parent children.

3 Things You Can Do To Be Magnetic In 2017

Set Realistic Intentions - The quickest way to find disappointment is to set your intentions without proper management of expectations. There is a difference between wanting to take a trip to the moon versus wanting to take a trip to a place with the best full moon views. It may be good to research "The Best Places In The World To See A Full Moon." Once you find the perfect destination, make your plans, purchase a ticket to that place, and have a magical experience. Unless you know someone who can actually take you to the moon -- Keep it 100% and #BeMagnetic.

Speak Positively of Yourself - Be honest, nobody likes a braggadocios person, but there is something special about a person who is wrapped in pure confidence. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have nice things. There is a powerful resonance that illuminates off of a person when they speak positively about what they envision for themselves and others. People are attracted to those who move unapologetically in their own skin and know what they want. The old saying, "actions speak louder than words," is true here. What you say about yourself in those private little self-talks is important. This is also how others will either magnetize towards or repel from you.

Do What Makes You Feel Good - In my upcoming Masterclass, "The Magnetic Vagina," I focus on how displaced sexual energy can cause blockages in a multitude of areas in one’s life. The ability to make a valid decision on what they want to penetrate them is beyond sexual intercourse. There is something deeper happening here, and I am talking about complete autonomy. This is about the power of self-mastery. Do you even know what you like? Or, what makes you feel good beyond sex? Think about the way you feel when someone smiles at you or pays you a complement out of nowhere or when you hear your favorite song come on the radio. It feels good right? In an overstimulated world, there's no wonder so many people have blockages. This is because they do not know how to manage the millions of things penetrating them every second of the day -- especially when chasing a high on what feels good.

This is not rocket science; this is quantum physics -- And I believe that women hold this magical vortex for time travel in our little Black Boxes (i.e., the vagina, yoni, or you name it). Won't you come and bear witness to experiencing what YOU want for yourself in 2017?

Be A Part Of The Magnetic Vagina

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