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5 FitnessTrends to Leave in 2016 + What To Do Instead

Posted by BGF FitnessSite on January 2, 2017 at 12:00 AM

5 Fitness Trends to Leave in 2016 + What To Do Instead

Welcome to 2017 - cheers to a healthful and fulfilling New Year! You’ve celebrated a new beginning. You’ve set your 2017 goals. And now it’s time to get to business. If your goal is fitness related, then the information in this blog will help you approach it in an effective and sustainable way. I’ll say now that it’s not the message heard ‘round the world and these suggestions are pretty much the exact opposite of the fitness trends millions of Americans will turn to this month for solutions. If we stick to the methods we’ve tried before, then we could be setting ourselves up for failure.

Last week I read that about 60 percent of New Year’s resolutions are fitness related and a whopping 81 percent of all resolutions will not be met in 2017. The odds are not stacked in our favor, and if we spend the first part of this year doing what everyone else is doing and has always done, then we could find ourselves in that majority.

The January gym crowd memes are making their way to a social media timeline near you. Don’t. Be. That. Person. Here are five fitness trends to leave in 2016 and their sustainable alternatives.

Counting Macros

None of this in 2017, please.

Counting macros is a great practice for fitness professionals, athletes, body builders, and perhaps beginners who are being guided by a qualified pro. However, counting macros can be time-consuming and frustrating. It’s not something a beginner can easily figure out and integrate into daily life, which means it’s probably not the best place to begin your fitness journey. Because a person can use their remaining macros in any way they want as long as “numbers” are being met, it doesn’t establish clear lines between clean food and junk for beginners, or heal the body at the chemical level as a more intuitive and ancestral way of eating would.

All calories are not created equal, so no, a person should not feel they can eat a bowl of Captain Crunch with a chopped up Snickers, and protein sprinkles as a night cap simply because it would fill the remainder of their macro requirements for the day. Another key component of counting macros is the physical work required to put those “numbers” to good use in your body. If a person sets their macros for muscle gains and they’re not doing muscle gains work, then the excess will be stored as fat.

We set New Year’s fitness resolutions because we want to improve our health in some capacity and to look or feel better. With depression, anxiety, and obesity on the rise, the vast majority of Americans are suffering from low energy, chronic fatigue, slowed metabolism, and lack of motivation. To make a lifestyle change, we have to deal with those first.

If you’re exhausted, fatigued, and malnourished, then forcing yourself to the gym will only work for so long. Why not make a few tweaks to your daily eating habits that'll leave you feeling more energetic and therefore motivated to go to the gym. A good sweat sesh is then a reward, something you are excited to do, rather than a punishment.

I ask my clients to read through a list of the common micronutrient deficiencies and symptoms in America, and then focus on adding whole foods that provide the nutrients they might need based on the symptoms that stand out to them. There’s absolutely no harm in looking at symptoms of iodine deficiency in which 40% of Americans are effected by, seeing that you experience many of those symptoms, and then adding whole food sources of Iodine to your daily diet (i.e., eggs, leafy greens, and sushi).

Yes, you could get tested for deficiencies and consult a nutritionist, but if that’s not in your budget… hack it! As I share in Your Personal Wellness Cocktail, “Try not to let ‘not knowing’ how to feel better get in the way of ‘trying’ to feel better. Knowledge is power.”

Check out the 11 most common deficiencies, symptoms, and whole food sources from Dr. Mercola HERE.

Nip Tucked and Unqualified Fitspirations

Kylie Jenner for Paper Magazine

There’s a disturbing lack of integrity in the world of fitness these days. We shouldn’t be looking for someone else to set our standards of health, fitness, or beauty, but if you’re looking for inspiration or guidance from a pro, take steps to protect your investment of time, money, thought, or effort.

Before you set a goal to look like someone, make sure they’re real. Before you take advice from an Insta fitness model, make sure they’re qualified. Before you look to someone else to establish your personal fitness goals, look inside. Thank God for the people who keep it real on social media, because without them, many women would hold themselves to an unrealistic standard of fitness, weight-loss, baby body bounce back, boob shape, booty shape, and I could go on forever.

Since honesty is not the policy in all cases, it’s important for us to support people who do keep it real. Be sure that your fitspirations are real, qualified, and honest before you commit to the product they’re selling or promoting. It’s as simple as asking what certifications or qualifications they have. This is not catty or rude; this is an expectation that you, as a client, are entitled to. I am happy to share my qualifications with people when they ask, but truth be told, very few people ever ask. Please ask in 2017!

Two-A-Days and Doing Too Much

Let's bring our resolutions out of January!

Remember those New Year’s resolution stats I shared at the beginning of this blog? Might I suggest that you do something different than the 81 percent of people who will not meet their fitness goals this year? Take a pause, and think about how you can take consistent, calculated steps to meet your goal rather than starting your “race” sprinting and clamoring towards it. Be the tortoise, not the hare. If you set a realistic plan now, then you can stick to it for the entire year – that’s how your transformation will happen.

Ask yourself if taking on a go hard or go home attitude and doing two-a-days for a few weeks at the gym is going to (realistically) get you to your goal – in most cases – this is not going to last. Does it fit into your schedule realistically? If not, don’t waste your time on it. Bring the same concept to your approach to clean eating. Can you eat like this every day, not just for a few weeks? If the answer is no, then don’t waste your time on it.

It’s better, in the long run, to commit to a 20-minute stroll during your lunch break and adding fresh veggies to every meal for the entire year, than to commit to a fad diet and over exercising for a few weeks this January. All fitness related goals are met through lifestyle change; there are no quick fixes.

Quick Fixes and Band-Aids

Speaking of quick fixes. For the sake of taking back our health America, I hope this trend stays in 2016 and never returns. Most exercise and nutrition programs do not deal with the root causes of poor health and obesity. Fad diets do not address micronutrient deficiencies or digestive imbalance. Exercise programs do not address self-hate, low self-esteem, or root causes of poor response to exercise (i.e., underactive thyroid or adrenal fatigue). An hour a day does not help one build a healthy, active lifestyle.

The standard American lifestyle is not conducive to health. We can’t sprinkle good habits on top of that lifestyle and expect a mind, body, and soul transformation just like we can’t put a band-aid on a dirty wound and expect it to heal. We have to clean up from the root up. It’s not very likely that the transformation we are truly seeking is going to come from three easy payments of $29.95. Let’s look to the root causes of poor health and obesity in 2017.

Check out video from a FB live chat, The ONLY 3 Reasons We "Fail" to Meet Our Weight-loss/Fitness Goals HERE.

Focusing on the Pounds

Say it with me, f**k the scale.

The second chapter of my new book Your Personal Wellness Cocktail is dedicated to shifting our focus from weight-loss to waste loss – letting go of anything that is no longer serving you. That includes extra pounds, toxic habits, toxic people, and hurts, shame, or grudges from the past. As I talked about in the video link above, an energetic imbalance can cause our body to hold on to excess weight, because we are holding on to bullshit from the past. Remember this: WASTE LOSS = WEIGHT LOSS.

Here’s an excerpt from Your Personal Wellness Cocktail that explains further.

“When I write about physical weight I’m not solely referring to a number on your scale. Emotional baggage can manifest in our physical bodies in a number of ways — shallow breathing, aches, pains, chronic fatigue, weakness, frailty, headaches, lack of motivation, literally being and feeling stuck, decreased desire and capacity to move, avoidance, binging, lack of self-care, and beyond.

In yoga, for example, obesity is associated with root chakra imbalance and storage of excess abdominal fat is associated with navel chakra imbalance. Taking steps to heal those energetic imbalances will create space for the physical release of weight. Therefore, creating frequent moments of happiness, love, peace, joy, and gratitude is an important aspect of weight loss. How can anyone expect to thrive and succeed externally when they are in a deprived state mentally?”

So there you have it, take some time to think about these things and rework your approach. Check out my weight loss FAQs page to read how I approached my personal 95-pound weight loss and to access several free PDF downloads to help you get started. “Be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods.”

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