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The Three 20s Principle: Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Posted by BGF FitnessSite on March 27, 2016 at 8:50 AM

The Three 20s Principle: Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

The Three 20s Principle is the idea that most working people have or can create the following 20 minute "fitness" windows throughout their day: 20 minutes before leaving for work or starting the day, 20 minutes during lunch break, and 20 minutes after dinner. The first for a workout or meal prep and the second and third windows for brisk walks.

If weight-loss or better health is your goal, this is a wonderful suggestion. By the end of the day you will have added a full hour of movement. A morning workout would boost your metabolism/caloric burn for the day. From their make a few healthy tweaks to your diet and voila! Changes will come.

For some ideas on healthy food swaps download my FREE Clean Eating Made Simple PDF.

I’ve always encouraged others to get active during their lunch break at work and to walk more when it appears that there’s no time for other types of workouts in their day. There’s a common misconception that we have to spend more than an hour at the gym or do two-a-days to see results. In truth, even short and consistent workouts will do the trick.

I see the following scenario play out quite often: An individual with weight-loss goals cuts caloric intake down to a minimum. Eats only salads and very little carbs. Works out 2 hours a day. Mostly cardio. The body goes into starvation mode and slows the metabolism to preserve energy. The person gets exhausted from an unrealistic, non-sustainable program, then binges and quits working towards their goals all-together.

The Three 20s Principle provides a great alternative to this unfortunate cycle as it is moderate and sustainable over long periods of time. However, I can think of several other ways that The Three 20s Principle could be used to transform our fitness and empower our lives should we find, better utilize, or create three 20 minute windows in our day!

Here are a few…

1. Meditate. Here’s my favorite gratitude meditation on YouTube.

2. Speak, read, or write positive affirmations. Here’s more on affirmations from Raise Your Vibration Today.

3. Complete a quick workout.

4. Yoga/Moving Meditation. Do Yoga with Me provides free yoga workouts for all fitness levels.

5. Take a trip to the grocery store or run other errands so that you CAN free up time to make it to the gym later on.

6. Get some sun or Vitamin (N)ature. Read more on Nature Therapy here.

7. Practice deep breathing exercises.

8. Move. Walk, dance, participate in a squat challenge… anything that gets your blood pumping!

9. Start working on something you’ve been putting off.

10. Read a new book or an old one that’s been collecting dust.

11. Work on an art or craft that brings you joy.

12. Write. Journal, start/finish a blog or a book if that appeals to you.

13. Get inspired – try a podcast. Listen in on something that ignites the fire in you. Whenever I have a few extra minutes, I listen to Periscope playbacks from Hilary Rushford, Kimra Luna, or Zach Spuckler – three of my favorite business coaches. As an entrepreneur they keep me amped up!

14. Make and eat breakfast. This meal sets the tone for your day. Skipping breakfast often leads to decreased metabolism, increased cravings, and energy crashes.

15. Create a plan that allows you to spend more time on your passion or business. Some time is better than no time. Can you create more space and time for your passion or business pursuit by writing down your ideas, getting educated on time management, or reaching out to a mentor, etc.? If so do that!

Some of these suggestions may sound absurd, others may have sparked interest or been on your ‘to do’ list for a while. The whole idea is that energy flows where attention goes. Can you use The Three 20s Principle to find/create three 20 minute windows each day to do things that bring you joy, things you are passionate about, things that move you closer to your goals outside of work, or things that promote YOUR well-being and life fire?



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