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Binging + Emotional Eating: Own it, fix it, and move forward!

Posted by BGF FitnessSite on January 17, 2015 at 9:35 PM


I made several not-so-great food choices this weekend. I didn’t just snack on a little piece of dark chocolate or one cookie (as that wouldn’t merit a blog post, lol); it got way uglier than that! Do I feel and look bloated? Yes. Am I beating myself up? Nope. The truth is that a day or two of not-so-good food choices is not going to reverse or interrupt your progress – as long as you don’t let it. We all fall of the bandwagon here and there. Here's my motto: Stop the cycle. If you screw up, own it, fix it, and move forward.


It’s easy to have an off day, then let feelings of guilt creep in. Those feelings of guilt then turn into perceived failure and before we know it - a cheat meal turns into an off weekend and an off weekend turns into a reverted month, then we feel the need to start over. This is a continuous cycle, especially difficult for those struggling with emotional eating and food addiction to break.



I’ve been there; I could have gone there this weekend. In fact, this is the first time in a long time that I've had this familiar feeling of not being in control. It really is continual work to maintain a healthy attitude towards food and eating when you’re facing either emotional eating or food addiction. In all actuality, it isn’t about the food, it’s about feelings and experiences that drive the emotional eating cycle and how we deal, cope, and comfort ourselves and/or the lack thereof. Check this out….



Sound familiar? Sound strange? Some may read this blog and have no understanding, but others will read this and relate, because food addiction and emotional eating are very real challenges. And just like all other challenges, some face them and some don’t.



Any who, here’s what I’m doing to get back on track....


Tonight, I’ve taken time to reflect on why I made the choices I did this weekend. Was there something bothering me that I avoided dealing with? Yes, there actually was. I am acknowledging that I used it as an excuse to indulge and am dealing with the issue so that it won’t be an excuse going into the new week. Physically, I’m drinking lots of water tonight and will get right back on track with usual eating habits and workouts tomorrow. I am not going to punish myself by restricting calories or working out more than usual. That would prove to be counterproductive and feed feelings of guilt, prolonging a negative cycle.


I love this chart on getting back on track after a binge (ugh! I’ve tried to avoid that word!). I do think it's strange that they used "unplanned binge" in the title, but I'm assuming they are counting carb loading or cheat meals as "planned" binges.






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