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Dress to Kill It: Ellie Activewear Box Review

Posted by BGF FitnessSite on July 4, 2017 at 4:40 PM

Dress to Kill It: Ellie Activewear Box Review

“You can have anything you want if you dress for it.” I’m not sure who said it, but there could be some truth to this. According to Women’s Health, “There’s a weird connection between dressing like you kill it at the gym and actually killing it at the gym,” but we really don't need a research study to prove it.

I know that I feel confident and inspired to move my body when I’m dressed for it, and that’s why I am pretty darn excited to introduce Ellie, the #1 activewear subscription box to you.

What Is Ellie?

Ellie is a monthly subscription service that sends you three or five amazing items for your active lifestyle for $39.95 - $49.95 per month; shipping is included.

Each month Ellie unveils the new box with a video and several images, so you know what to expect. If you don't like it, you can skip it, so you’re not stuck with anything you don’t love. Honestly, there’s so much to love about Ellie though.

What’s Inside?

Each box contains:

1 Sports Bra

1 Workout Top

1 Pair of Leggings

The 5-Item box contains:

2 Active Lifestyle Items, July had THREE!

The July Ellie box has a salmon and gray workout fit and ab wheel by Marika, a Bally Total Fitness Chilling Towel, and a pack of five hair ties by Zobha, which I’ll be using as wrist bands since my hair is short.

Update! Click here to see what's inside Ellie's August 3-item Box.

My Thoughts on Ellie’s July Box

First off, I was super pumped about receiving an entire workout fit and new gear. The packaging is chic, so it felt like opening a gift. I ordered size medium across the board (you can mix and match sizes if needed). The bra and pants have a great fit, they have sexy details, and the pants aren’t see-through. Score!

My shirt fits a little weird in the armpit area, but that can be fixed by switching to a smaller shirt next time, so I'm not worried about it. The top still has a nice loose fit and open back, which pairs nicely with the fitted pants and sports bra.

How to Order

Sign up on the Ellie homepage, pick your sizes and in the last step, pick your plan (monthly, quarterly or semi-annually).

Update! Click here to see what's inside Ellie's August 3-item Box.

This box was gifted to me by Ellie. All opinions are my own.

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