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3 Books that Changed My Approach to Eating + Loving

Posted by BGF FitnessSite on April 6, 2017 at 2:30 PM

3 Books that Changed My Approach to Eating + Loving

Eat. Pray. Love. Or so they say. Today I’d like to share three books that transformed (and I do mean transformed) the way I eat and love (myself + others). I have repeatedly harassed those close to me to read these three books, and now I share them with you in hopes that they will touch your heart, mind, and health as they have mine.

1. I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson

This book shifted the way I think about sugar, fats, and food as fuel. Sugar and fat are the more “controversial” macros if you will. Think about it… When was the last time you hear someone say, “I am trying to shed some pounds by cutting back on protein?” Never, right? This book will help you understand what kinds of sugars you should be eating, and the massive role eating good fat plays in weight loss, nutrient absorption, energy, and overall health. This is the book that led me to discover paleo eating, and inspired radical action towards reestablishing digestive and metabolic health. I have not looked back since. Grab your copy here.

2. Goddess to the Core by Sierra Bender

To this day, I laugh about when and how this book “chose me.” The author had a unicorn approach in explaining grounding principles and their importance. She illustrated the power of a woman without an ounce of negativity towards masculine energy. This book is for mending broken hearts, not just from relationships, but from miscarriage, childhood abuse, and many of the hard things that women go through and face in life. Grab your copy here.

3. The Passionate Life: Stages of Loving by Sam Keen

This is another book that found me; in essence, I picked it up at the free book exchange near our local grocery store. This is the perfect complement to Goddess to the Core. What Sierra did to clarify the feminine in Goddess to the Core, Sam did to clarify the masculine in The Passionate Life. Despite the fact that this book was published in 1983, I was blown by the relevancy of his writing and how massively this applies to love and relationships in this new virtual world humans have created. Oddly enough, it went down in the DM back then, and Sam explains why and how to break cycles of misguided love. I saw myself and those around me; it shifted my perspective on self-love, relationships, and the way I interact with others. Grab your copy here.

I pray it serves you. Shoot me an email or comment below if you grab one of these books or have already read them.

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