5 Things you must have to keep your children entertained

Our children are our most valuable treasure, we love them madly, when we know we are going to be parents the feeling is undescriptable, so many emotions, it is almost impossible to explain, then we wait for nine months and we are excited, worried, scared, happy, all at the same time, when they come into our lives, they become the center of our universe, filling us with so much love and joy that we will never be the same.


As they are growing, we realize that they need more that just us to be entertained, they spend some time alone and that time must be filled with something, it is imperative to fill that time with some activities that contribute in a positive way, giving values, principles and a good education to minimize the risk of idleness, which is very negative for their proper development. If it’s possible, those activists must be supervised to assure that children receive the best  influence from their environment.


We surely would like to be with them all time, guiding and protecting them from any negative influence, but what we really need to do is to encourage them to think, to solve problems, to be themselves and to exploit all their talents, in order to raise self-confident, valuable and emotionally stable adults, preparing them for life.


What to have in your home to entertain your kids


There are many things you can have to entertain your kids, it is very important always to remember to supervise them, don’t leave a kid unattended, they need guidance and parental control.


The object for entertainment for excellence is the TV, they may spend hours in front of it, if you connect a device that allows you to play films or series to the TV, the effect is bigger and better, but it is very important to supervise what are they watching, even better, you should select some films and/or series with educative content and see some of those with your children, to guide them, make comments of the film and use the history to teach lessons.


Books and/or audiobooks, there are amazing stories ready to be read, worlds of fantasy, adventure and educative too.


Computer and/or tablet with didactic games, it is very important to supervise which games they are playing, you even can play with them, don’t forget to limit internet access to avoid risks.


Didactic games such as puzzles, books which they can color, toys that they can assemble, etc.


You can have a park for children in your yard, with pieces of equipment according to their age, or you can have a gym for children inside your house if you have space enough. If they are interested in some sport, you can have the implements needed to practice it.


Remember, TV, devices to play films etc, have parental control, use it, it will help you to keep your child safe.