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The Mantra Box is an exclusive discovery box that delivers between seven to 11 health and wellness products from small businesses right to your home every three months. I love that you can choose a male or female box and pick from three dietary options: “I Eat Everything,” “Vegetarian,” or “Paleo Friendly.” Check it out!

Eat. Pray. Love. Or so they say. Today I’d like to share three books that transformed (and I do mean transformed) the way I eat and love (myself + others).
To interrupt anxiety, we must lean into the present through grounding work. Check out these four holistic anxiety busters you can use right now!
In general, the fitness industry tells us that cellulite is genetic and if you have it, there's not much you can do to change it. Thankfully, they were WRONG!

We live in a “do the most” kind of world, and in all actuality, that go hard mentality will not benefit most of us. A large part of the United States population is overloaded, overworked, overstressed, and undernourished. It’s not likely that you’ll stick with a mind, body, or soul ritual/habit that adds more stress to your plate. So why not join me in slowing the f**k down and doing less with consistency?

January gym crowd memes are making their way to a social media timeline near you. Don’t. Be. That. Person. Here are five weight-loss trends to leave in 2016 and their sustainable alternatives.

I am so happy to be sharing this recipe with you as I sip a glass of my first batch of nourishing and delicious homemade turkey bone broth. Bone broth is a wonderful super-food to incorporate in your daily diet, and it’s so worth making at home - more on that in the post!

If you’re searching for a “guilt-free” sweet-tooth killer, then this is your recipe. You can have it all. Including fresh baked grain and dairy-free cookies. Enjoy!

Long before our little ones reach double digits we teach them to search for the one who holds the power to complete them. And there lies the trouble with love. We attach to our distorted idea of love and go insane by definition; a stranger to yourself with the weight of completing another being on your shoulders. Or perhaps you are the oppressor. The one who cries, “Leave me and I’ll die!” to your exhausted partner. I’ve been both.

Yoga really is for EVERYBODY. All shapes, all sizes, all ages, all sexes, all fitness levels. A consistent practice reduces risk of injury, aids in recovery, corrects muscle imbalances, increases strength and balance, and strengthens the mind/body connection among other benefits.

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