How to keep your little ones healthy and safe

Children are the future of human race, they  are our most beloved treasure, as parents we love them more than everything and everyone, they fill our lives with love, joy and the brightest light, since the moment we know we are expecting a son or a daughter, regardless if he or she is adopted or not, our lives change forever and we start to see everything with another perspective.


When our child comes to us, we need to adjusts ourselves and our entire lives to him or her, kids are so vulnerable that they awake every instinct of protection we may have and then safety becomes the most important thing for the whole family.


Are our kids safe at home?


Kids are very active, curious, naive, careless, and that may be dangerous for them, we want to keep them safe with us, at our side, in home, so we can protect them from everything and everyone, but do you know that there is danger in your own home?


There are many risks, let’s talk about them:


  • Sharp objects, in our houses there are many, we daily use knives when we cook, ice pick, tools used for fix common issues at home, even the corners of tables and furniture may hurt our kids, we must cover the sharp edges or furniture with specialized protection, keep tools and knives out of reach of children.
  • Slippery floor, the bathroom’s floor is very dangerous, we must install proper accessories for floors in order to avoid accidents.
  • Never leave a small child unattended while he or her takes a bath.
  • Keep children away from stove and hot surfaces.
  • Keep floors and carpets as clean as possible, children love to be on the floor and cleaning is a  matter of health, there are specialized companies that keep carpets clean for you like
  • Use parental control in computers and TV, there are a very real and present danger there, computer with internet are a valuable tool that helps us all in all aspects of life, but there are many information good and bad, besides the predators, which perform many illegal and dangerous activities that can affect us, and our children are especially vulnerable to them, about TV, there are many TV shows which are not intended for kids and we need to limit the exposure to them.
  • Kids are especially vulnerable to bad food, we need to keep hygiene rules to protect our children.
  • Stairs may be dangerous for small children, we must put barriers to prevent accidents.

How to deal with Picky Eaters

A good and healthy nutrition is a very important part of life, it contributes to our proper child development since we come into the world, a well balanced diet gives us all we need to grow up as healthy adults, it is indispensable to create healthy food habits since we are very young, as soon as we start to eat solids we need to create those habits.


We need to include in our diet food of all food groups, vegetables, fruits, proteins, carbohydrates, greases, and it is not only about include all of that,  we need to avoid some food that can damage our body, like junk food, sugar, trans greases, etc., unfortunately many of bad food is tasty, and we like them too much, therefore we need to encourage our kids to eat healthy food since they are able to eat solids.


Picky  Eaters, how to make them eat healthy food


We want to give our children healthy food but when food is served the war begins, and if we have several kids the war is even harder since many times they conspire together against us as parents.


It is really frustrating when you cook something delicious and healthy and your children start to complain and refuse to eat, sometimes we want to give up and give them what they ask, but that would be an error, here are some tips that can help to deal with those lovely Picky Eaters.


  • Don’t give up, be persistent, they will accept the healthy food and they will thank you for that later.
  • Start to introduce healthy elements in the regular food they currently eat, for example you can add fresh fruits to cereal or pancakes.
  • Let them get involved in the process, they can help shopping and preparing food, they will feel that the food is the result of their effort and it is probably that they eat it. You can let them help with the menu.
  • Make healthy food more attractive, present food in the plate in an attractive way, cut carrot slices in shape of flowers for example, but don’t care only the visual aspect, name healthy food with attractive names too.
  • You have to be a role model and eat the healthy food in the same way you want them eat it too.
  • Make unhealthy food unavailable and healthy snacks available, when they are hungry they will eat what they have at hand.
  • Set rules, for example, they must try one or two bites before reject some food, or you can establish rules about time and place for eating.


Try this tips and good luck.

Child Development, Teaching Healthy Food Choices

Our children are our most precious treasure, as parents, we love them so much and they are our entire world, we take care of them with pleasure and joy, we watch them grow and become into responsible and valuable adults, we see how they fulfill their dreams and reach every goals. That’s our dreamed and beautiful mission, therefore we do our best to provide them all they need and to guide them.


Children are extremely important, not only as our descendants, but as the future of human race, we cannot survive without them and the way they grow, shapes us as humans, if our children are well educated, we are going to be a well educated species, if they are healthy, our species will be healthy too, therefore, to guarantee our future is our collective duty.


Nutrition key for health


A good, healthy and well balanced nutrition is crucial for health, food gives us the energy we need and usually they provide an extra benefit beyond the energy, but many times we eat more than we need and eat things that damage our body, just because we like the taste or because we are addicted to any ingredient, like sugar or caffeine for example.


Nutritionists do their best to guide us and teach us how and what to eat, children need to be taught to eat proper food since they are very young so they can have a healthy childhood and turned into healthy adults, because many times, problems caused due bad nutrition appear when we are grown up, when we are children, we feel and think that we can eat anything without consequences and that’s not true, therefore it is a matter of major importance to guide our kids and provide education about healthy food choices.


How to teach your kids to eat healthy food?


Kids usually prefer to eat unhealthy food, there are many options and a lot of advertising promoting junk food, but there are some tips we can use to encourage healthy food habits in our children.


1- Start to create healthy habit as soon as possible, as they grow, the task becomes harder.


2- Be creative with the food you’re offering,  prepare it in different ways, you can give to fruits funny shapes when you’re cutting  them or you can prepare a smoothie with them, so keep the menu varied.


3- Healthy food must be available, when they want a snack or are looking something to eat, they must find healthy snacks easy to get.


4- Let them be part of the process, they can help to choose the menu, and you can make them help when you’re cooking, that will help a lot.


5- Be persistent, don’t give up, it may take some time to create any new habit in children, so be persistent, they worth it.

5 Things you must have to keep your children entertained

Our children are our most valuable treasure, we love them madly, when we know we are going to be parents the feeling is undescriptable, so many emotions, it is almost impossible to explain, then we wait for nine months and we are excited, worried, scared, happy, all at the same time, when they come into our lives, they become the center of our universe, filling us with so much love and joy that we will never be the same.


As they are growing, we realize that they need more that just us to be entertained, they spend some time alone and that time must be filled with something, it is imperative to fill that time with some activities that contribute in a positive way, giving values, principles and a good education to minimize the risk of idleness, which is very negative for their proper development. If it’s possible, those activists must be supervised to assure that children receive the best  influence from their environment.


We surely would like to be with them all time, guiding and protecting them from any negative influence, but what we really need to do is to encourage them to think, to solve problems, to be themselves and to exploit all their talents, in order to raise self-confident, valuable and emotionally stable adults, preparing them for life.


What to have in your home to entertain your kids


There are many things you can have to entertain your kids, it is very important always to remember to supervise them, don’t leave a kid unattended, they need guidance and parental control.


The object for entertainment for excellence is the TV, they may spend hours in front of it, if you connect a device that allows you to play films or series to the TV, the effect is bigger and better, but it is very important to supervise what are they watching, even better, you should select some films and/or series with educative content and see some of those with your children, to guide them, make comments of the film and use the history to teach lessons.


Books and/or audiobooks, there are amazing stories ready to be read, worlds of fantasy, adventure and educative too.


Computer and/or tablet with didactic games, it is very important to supervise which games they are playing, you even can play with them, don’t forget to limit internet access to avoid risks.


Didactic games such as puzzles, books which they can color, toys that they can assemble, etc.


You can have a park for children in your yard, with pieces of equipment according to their age, or you can have a gym for children inside your house if you have space enough. If they are interested in some sport, you can have the implements needed to practice it.


Remember, TV, devices to play films etc, have parental control, use it, it will help you to keep your child safe.